Tuesday, March 03, 2015

garage rap # 19

"Melody" is borderline in this context. Barely counts as "garage rap" - it's 2step, with a MC lick.

But who cares? Another love-it-to--the-bone tune from a time of overflowing bounty

Flipside is nice too - draped with one of those nuum-beloved divas used on assorted hardcore and jungle tracks over the years, here making for a nice constrast of sweet gooey warmth and those trademark Master Stepz dry grid-like beats.

I checked out this  one just for the title - "Bubblette", love it to the boooooooone, the MARROW - and guess, what, it features an uncredited lady MC! Proper garage rap, and a tuff little unit, production-wise, to boot. A right little lost gem and no mistake, one whose existence I'd never known until a minute ago.

Ah, and here's another nifty Master Stepz tune, featuring Richie Dan whose singjay tones we will be encountering again shortly.

Master Stepz's Ian Thompson also made a track with one MC Kreation, called "New Kreation", but nobody has seen fit to deposit that one on YouTube.

So he was something of a garage rap auteur, Mr Stepz -  a mini-vortex of mic talent.

Bonus clip - Master Stepz clashing Heartless Crew

garage rap # 18

An  important group that nobody talks about these days or listens to.

"They Don't Know" for me is So Solid Crew's one undeniable killer tune.

At least, track with rapping on it. They also made this influential instrumental which played a big role in the shift from garage-based grooves to the electro / jump-up / dancehall hybrids that underpinned grime.

Hang on a minute - seems there was a vocal version of "Dilemma"!

Spelled "Dilema" on the label - deliberately or accidentally, I wonder?

"21 Seconds" is coming up later in a post dedicated to Important But Wack Tunes.

But this is one of the better tunes on the album They Don't Know.